About Estelle Care

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Estelle Care strives for natural ingredients to make skincare product in order to give the best quality and reliable product. Human beings have been using chemical substances in every aspects of life such as medicine, food and personal care product. However, Estelle Care believes that chemical substances can cause side effects and we choose natural substances to take care of our well-being. Estelle Care is known as an intensive natural facial treatment.

Estelle Care presents the safe and effective natural skincare. We choose natural ingredients to help nurture you skin effectively. With the belief that placenta is the important organ to nurture the baby in mother’s womb. It contains more than 300 essential amino acids and other nutrients. The research shows that the placenta has a great amount of essential nutrients which can help improve skin problems to look younger and brighter. So Estelle Care use horse placenta extract as the main active ingredient to assure that our customer will have beautiful skin and healthy look. Moreover our fast absorbing and lightweight cream is mostly suitable for hustle life in the city.

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