Estelle Care Horse Placenta Cream is made of pure natural horse placenta extract from Japan.
Our thoroughbred horses are well taken care of sterilized farm in New Zealand and the horse placentas will be extracted by Japan skin institutions.
Estelle Care Horse Placenta Cream helps your skin to look brighter and younger.
It exfoliates dead skin, diminishes excessive melanin and stimulates collagen formation. 

Estelle Care Review
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Estelle Care Review 
Nourish your skin with Horse Placental Protein
Estelle Care Horse Placenta cream is facial treatment for skin whitening from horse placenta.
With Japan Innovation, it extracts essential nutrients effectively from horse placenta that help improve skin health and make your skin glow naturally.
Horse Placenta extract, a Miracle of Nature
It is proven that horse placenta has more than 300 essential nutrients and safe to use. It helps strengthen your skin, exfoliates dead skin and naturally brightens your complexion.
Horse Placenta extract is very gentle because it is made from an organ which nurtures a fragile baby in mother’s womb.
14 Benefits of Horse Placenta

Exfoliate dead skin, Diminish excessive melanin, 
Stimulate skin cell formation
Stimulate collagen formationMaintain elasticity, Antioxidant,
Nourish the skin Prevent skin dehydration  Keep skin moisture
Reduce irritation , Relieve skin inflammation from sunburn
Protect skin damage from sun ray, Antibacterial
Enhance immunity
10 Components hidden in Horse Placenta
Amino acid, Protein, Carbohydrate,
Lipid/Fatty acid, Vitamin, Mineral,
Nucleic acid,Mucopolysaccharide ,
Enzyme, Active peptide
Most skin problems of all women either oily skin, dry skin or sensitive skin comes from a lack of skin moisture
which causes skin weakness and all kinds of skin problems.
Nourishing your skin with intensive treatment can solve all kinds of skin weakness and problems.
Estelle Care Horse Placenta Cream is the intensive facial treatment
which has gone through many researches and developments for more than 30 years by Japan
placenta expert team to obtain high performance horse placenta extract.
How to use
Apply to face and neck in the morning and before bedtime

Keep away from heat and sunlight.


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